Engrave and make it last.
Engrave the messages or promises that you wish to remember on your jewellery.


As you wear your jewelleries, periodic maintenance is a key to protect the
shine of your jewellery from cosmetics, sweat and body oil.
We recommend using a soft cloth to regularly wipe your jewellery
and invite you to visit Gaius for professional cleaning.


Jewellery is a delicate work that you wear on your body,
and general wear and tear due to contact and abrasion are inevitable.
Polishing service that we offer can restore the lost shine and glow of your jewellery.
We offer professional service to provide optimal result while minimising cutting of the product surfaces.


Optimal jewellery size to suit you.

You can re-size your jewellery perfectly fits your body and style.
We offer complete resizing service including polishing and plating.
Please note that some products cannot be re-sized due to specific designs or materials used.


Restore your jewellery

Damages such as deformation, loss of parts and stones can be repaired.
We offer professional restoration service to bring out the original beauty of your jewellery.
In addition, we provide detailed guidance on maintenance of your jewellery to prevent damages.