“Wear Your Beauty, Colour and Confidence”

Bridge Jewellery

Make a statement with unique bridge jewellery and lead the trend with Gaius.

*Please note full product image and design specifications are not shown on Instagram to avoid any design leakage.
Please visit our store for a complete list of available products and further details.

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Wedding Jewellery

Unparalleled offers on sophisticated wedding jewellery to shine your special day.

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Custom Jewellery

Experience the expertise and know-how of Gaius.

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Fine Jewellery

Gaius is operated by a trusted manufacturer of fine jewellery
and our products embody the fundamentals of beauty and quality.
We offer a wide range of products and stones including diamond, sapphire, ruby and pearl.


We also specialise in manufacturing gold watches and have been a supplier of high quality watches to popular watch brands.
We are equipped with ultra-precision part processing equipment,
has expertise, technology and know-how on design and production.